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About Us

At Gravity, we have combed out a niche created by the need to fuse disparate and pertinent IT platforms to deliver unified systems and applications via desktop, mobile and browsers. We have brought together technologies mainly in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Mobile Telephony (SMS, Mobile Money services and USSD) and Web & Mobile Applications to provide people, organizations, government agencies, institutions and businesses with simplified, customized, unified and robust state-of-the-art systems that deliver specific user results and experience.


GIS (Geographic Information System)

A GIS can be described as a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of spatial (Geographic) data.

  • Desktop GIS: Easy and cost effective customised Desktop GIS Applications
  • Web GIS Apps: Implemented using state-of-the-art JavaScript/HTML5 web technology
  • Mobile GIS Apps: Built using existing SDKs enabling creation of customized workflows and experiences using extensive APIs and documentation
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Bulk SMS Services & integration

We provide efficient and cost effective Bulk SMS solutions. There is a wide variety of quality when it comes to Bulk SMS Service and SMS, and we provide you the best service levels.

  • Send SMS as fast as you like
  • Distribute messages across a group of phone numbers
  • Be in full control of your messaging costs
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Web & Mobile App Development

We design mobile & web applications targeted for handheld computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants (EDAs), Smartphones and Browsers. Our Applications are customised for the client.

  • Field data collection
  • Field inspection
  • Data analysis and querying
  • Business analytics & reporting
  • Market research
  • etc...
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Management Information Systems

Our solution is built on top of Odoo. Odoo is an open source solution. With strong technical foundations, Odoo's framework is unique. It provides top notch usability that scales across all Apps. We provide:

  • Asset Management Systems
  • Monitoring & Evaluation Systems
  • Project Management Systems
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Training and capacity development is essential to any organization. At Gravity® we conduct training on courses that tackle our key focus areas.

  • GIS
  • Data collection
  • Enterprise Database Management
  • Bulk SMS & integration
  • Web & Mobile Application Solutions
  • Information Management Systems
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Development of an incident reporting platform for NEMA. This included the development of a Mobile App for iOS, Android & Windows; development of a GIS enabled web portal; integration with Bulk SMS; and integration with SharePoint. Services Provided by Staff included: Development of a web based Integrated Information Management System which supports geospatial data; integration of the GIS enabled portal with SharePoint; integration with bulk SMS; Development of User manuals and guidelines for the system; Training of staff and System support.


Development of an incident reporting system (JijiWatch) for the Nairobi City County Government. This involved the development of a mobile application – freely downloadable by citizens on the App stores – to be used for reporting issues that include garbage, burst sewers, fire, burst pipes, potholes, dangerous buildings, vandalism, and graffiti. The reports are received by the county administrators in the control room via a web portal. The crowd-sourced information is received by e-mail and SMS and the reports accessed through the web portal that includes a map interface supported with advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. They can then coordinate ground response for the reported incidents.


Installation of a Web Portal for bulk SMS; Systems Automation i.e. integration with existing ERPs (Accounting Systems); Provision of APIs for integration with other systems; and training of users

Development of an Information Management System. This included development of a Web portal that included provision for Content Management, data cataloguing, data management (Search, discover and deliver data), report generation and business intelligence. This was done to provide a system for managing the institutions medical records. The project also included the development of a mobile application for field data collection.


Development of an Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) for managing liquor outlets. The system includes an Administrative portal at the county office. In its back-end it integrates ERP with GIS. The portal shows location of all beer outlets in Machakos County together with their respective attribute information i.e. Owners details and tax compliance status. It is integrated with payment systems and is SMS enabled to enable outlets make easy payments and receive notifications. A second portal is designed for the public, where the public can view locations of outlets, confirm their registration status and make new registration.

(a) Development of an Asset Management System running on Odoo.
(b) Development of a monitoring and Evaluation System running on Odoo. features include – but not limited to – Client and Family intake data; Multiple roles/programs per client; Client outcomes; Case management, including unlimited fields and notes; Referrals; One-to-one services; Unlimited fields and notes for each service; Follow-up tasks for staff; Ability to report on any data; Standard reports, including outcome changes over time; and Flexible options for assigning security / permissions to users

Showcase of some of our Projects

We have worked with a number of organizations, providing and implementing for them some of our solutions. A few of them are ase listed below:

Why Us

We pride in consistency in building long-term, trust-based relationships with clients; focusing on value creation and business outcomes; fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and teaming; leveraging on Gravity’s delivery networks and project management for quality, speed and cost-effectiveness; and attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.

Our approach

Our key approach is the close involvement of the client at all stages of the consultancy. This ensures that the delivered information systems that not only meet the current objectives and requirements of the client, but are also sustainable and adaptable to growing and evolving information needs.

Our commitment

We are committed to the success of its clients and offer a wide range of after-sales services in the areas of technical support, training, and project implementation.


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UPESY: The emergency Mobile App

Nov. 15th 21

We are launching UPESY in January 2017. The App will allow citizens - in need of an emergency response to raise an alarm to a safety-net of friends (Pre-registered by user) and/or a private service provider e.g. AAR, G4S, etc.

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Powerful UPESY backend analytics

Nov. 20th 15

Service providers who wish to partner with us on UPESY are provided with a powerful back-end Web Application (FREE) that allows for incident reception. They receive incidents in real time on a table or Map, perform analytics, and more!!

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Showing Mr. President

Nov. 28th 51

Gravity's Managing Director Mr. Eric Murithi and Technical Director Mr. Vincent Awino showcasing Gravity's solutions to The President of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta. This was aimed at incorporating our solutions for use by the National Police Service

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